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How We Do It

Our workshops are built to help tackle specific challenges, some examples of recent client workshops include:

Creativity & Idea Generation
Using a wide range of creative techniques, these workshops will create a plethora of new ideas and approaches to create innovative and market winning initiatives. Widely used to design new marketing approaches when the established methods and ideas no longer produce results or when a new product or service is required to fight off a competitor or just ideas for a product launch - in fact any situation where fresh thinking is required.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

This workshop uses powerful techniques to enable decisions to be looked at from different perspectives so that sounder and more resilient plans are created which are readily understood, easily communicated, widely supported and successfully implemented.

Business Model & Marketing Strategy
These collaborative interactive workshops enable management teams to develop and agree sound strategies based on unique insights and understanding of customer attitudes and behaviour and the value that is delivered to them. Delegates will also formulate clear priorities and action plans to turn their strategies into results.


This workshop covers the entire spectrum from website design & development, email marketing, database development and data management, digital & social media to enable marketing teams to understand the opportunities and pitfalls of emarketing and to integrate best practice with traditional marketing programmes.

LinkedIn - how to use it to develop your business
LinkedIn has rapidly become a major tool to help businesses develop new contacts and opportunities, yet many people struggle to get beyond the basics. Our in-house workshop takes you through the basics of setting up your LinkedIn profile and shows you how to develop your business network online. During the workshop we demonstrate the practical range of tools and applications in LinkedIn, discuss how LinkedIn fits in with all the other social and business networking tools available and set out the key action steps to make LinkedIn work for you.  As more tools and applications are added into the LinkedIn platform it is edging ever closer to becoming the ultimate CRM system and is now an essential element for any B2B marketing strategy.

Networking for Business
As conventional methods of reaching key contacts or prospects become less and less effective, networking has become a fundamental skill which everyone in business requires. Voicemails, emails, text and instant messages can all be so easily ignored which whilst frustrating also leaves the person you are trying reach in ignorance.
Few have time available to build the long standing relationships of yesteryear, yet we still need to connect with people who have the knowledge, skills and abilities we may require. To do this we need to develop a wide pool of known individuals who can be called on when required and who can call on us in return. The Networking for Business Workshop covers the practical steps to develop skills in face to face situations at company or industry events as well as techniques to effectively utilise the key business social media tool - LinkedIn. The format is highly interactive and participative using practical tasks, role play and demonstration as relevant. All delegates are encouraged to create their personal action plans to convert the learning into results.

Managing Customer Relationships
Today customers have wide options and choice, they have easy and instant access to information and they want to be served when it suits them in the way they want or they’ll go elsewhere.  CRM is fundamentally not about software, it’s about management and process. – yes there are CRM systems and tools which may help automate some aspects, but only long after you understand the whole management task. The solution is to treat customers in a way which exceeds their expectations. This workshop will help you to identify every opportunity at which you can impress (or disappoint) a customer and a create an action plan for improvement..

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