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Relevant website content

Problems Solved

Ensuring website content relevance through industry wide research


A major player in the B2B services sector

Problem / Opportunity

After 5 years the website analytics were showing a declining trend on all the key measures for the company website. The client wished to redevelop its website so that the design and content was compelling and relevant for its clients and prospective clients leading them to stay longer on the site and visit more frequently


An online survey was constructed to identify the key services used in the target sectors, the level of awareness and recommendation for each of the key players and the sort of content which clients wanted to see and to access through the website.

Invitations to take the survey were sent by email to the entire customer contact database as well being posted in a wide range of carefully selected on line forums to draw in the views of a wider spectrum of potential clients.

The questionnaire contained both quantitative and qualitative elements to ensure that the results could be rapidly turned into recommendations.


The survey significantly changed the approach to website content for the new site ensuring that the content, style, tone and the language used were closely aligned with waht the audience expected and wanted. In addition the survey showed that whilst the company had a good level of awareness, its score on recommendation was lower, so further strategies are under way to refocus on customer service and satisfaction and to develop referral programmes.

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