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Business Growth Coaching

How We Do It

As long as you are you determined to grow then our  Business Growth and Innovation Coaches can provide personalised support to help you overcome the barriers to growth. Here's how it works in practice:

"Stephen's support has been useful for us in a much more concrete way that I would ever imagine. His expertise and fine judgement have been a very helpful guide to steer our company at very hectic times where rapid growth, international expansion and new technology deployment raise challenges on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend his mentoring and support; it's value will be evident."
Jorge Armanet, CEO & Co-founder, Health Unlocked

“As an early stage business with growing pains centred around changing roles and priorities Stephen's acuity and no-nonsense approach came at just the right moment. Challenging, tough, constructive and supportive at the same time. Highly recommended”. Matt Jameson Evans, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder, Health Unlocked

"Stephen Dann has been a tremendous help in getting our business focused on how to deliver our three year plans. Stephen is also a great sounding board for all of our marketing activities and has certainly helped us understand what we should be developing and the best ways to go about delivering on these."
Carl Hasty, Director, Smart Currency Exchange

"I can whole heartedly recommend the  Process and specifically endorse Stephen's ability to implement the system. Stephen will challenge and cajole any management team until a clear strategy is defined, the strategy and tactics are aligned and a clear and unambiguous roadmap for accelerated growth is created. After that it's up to you!" Martin Doyle, CEO, DQ Global

"The programme has been a really challenging process for us - with Stephen we have had to strip our business down to basics and gradually build it up again with a view to doubling our turnover during the next 3 years. A day spent with Stephen is exhilarating, exhausting, enlightening and enthusing. He has helped us build a platform for the future and the next three years will be structured and planned which would not have happened without both the process and Stephen! Julian Black, Managing Director, Pack Online (The Box Office)

“Consult-HR is a niche recruitment consultancy that is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It has remained under the same ownership and management for all those years and the last five have been pretty tough. Always relationship driven, marketing and business development has taken a back seat. Until now. Since engaging with the programme – and in particular Stephen Dann – we have benefited from a focused and detailed approach to marketing, business development and business planning that has already added huge energy and purpose to our business and will, we hope, transform it. Having Stephen on our team has been like having the coach and mentor we always dreamed of; a subject matter expert, full of good advice, a guide who keeps us on track with a light touch.” Nigel Murray, Director, Consult HR

"Stephen has been a massive help to our Senior Leadership Team  as our assigned coach in the Growth Accelerator programme.He is unafraid to voice an opinion, is gentle yet firm and has transformed the way we manage our marketing. Very highly recommended for his commercial savvy but also his pragmatic approach to solving knotty problems." Sheila Griffiths, Director, Consult HR

“This is an excellent process and I cannot speak highly enough of it. In the midst of running a business, it is difficult to rise above the daily tasks and be objective. Stephen has provided the insight and challenge that can only really come from outside of the business and combined with his supportive approach has helped us to form a strategy that we can work with and build on to achieve our objectives”.
Sam East, General Manager, Subacoustech Environmental Ltd

"As an established business, we found ourselves at a point where we know we have to choose our future direction. Working with the programme has been a useful experience, but specifically working with Stephen to analyse our current objectives has given us a great insight into what we should be doing. We have developed a plan and with Stephen worked out our priorities in an achievable way. I would recommend it." Anthony Price, Managing Director, Swanbarton and Director, The Electricity Storage Network

"Stephen has made me step back and review my business which is on a high growth curve. He started the initial process focusing on all the different growth options available, to help me make informed and calculated decisions. Now we are working on growth planning, implementing the plans, forward planning the structure of the business and its future requirements. Stephen has become an asset, ensuring I focus on the business and not get side tracked, working in the business." Allan Chester, Managing Director, UK Postbox

"Stephen has worked closely with our business, Paint Plus Colour Systems Limited over the last six months. Paint Plus have benefitted from his expertise and knowledge during the process of re-positioning our company from a branding perspective.  His advice has also helped us to plan for where we want our business to be, and has suggested various tools to assist us in monitoring our progress and achievements in this regard.  We believe that as a result of the work we have done with Stephen, we can become the UK's leading sustainable paint manufacturing company offering unrivalled decorative paint products to businesses and consumers that actually do what we say on the tin!  We would recommend the services that Stephen offers to anyone interested in moving their business forward." Chris Davies, Managing Director, Paint Plus Colour Systems

"ASH have been working with Stephen Dann on the Growth Accelerator programme since late June 2013 and have found it a vitally important, and timely exercise. I would go so far as to say we couldn't have managed the growth we are experiencing without it. With Stephen's expert guidance, we have worked through what growth goals we should aim for, discussed the impact on the business and the staff team, and determined the priorities for an enlarged and growing business. Stephen has given us the tools to manage our ongoing growth as well as helping us answer some of the challenging, but vitally important, questions about the future direction of the company." James Bemrose, Business Development Manager, ASH Wireless Electronics

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