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Launching a new service

Problems Solved

Launching a new technology service through multiple sequential email campaigns


An innovative technology company has developed a new "Cloud" based service

Problem / Opportunity

The new service needs to be launched rapidly in this fast moving marketplace and needs to be targeted at new customers to both grow the business and minimise the risk of simply selling it to existing clients.


The existing customer and prospect database was cleaned and an initial pre - launch offer email sent to all existing non customer contacts. A wide range of email delivery systems were tested to ensure successful delivery of emails and ease of use for multi stage email campaigns. A new mini website landing page was created  giving visitors easy access to trials, demos, offers and sign up

A suite of 10 different emails were developed each featuring a key advantage and user benefit of the technology these were tested to identify which of them produced the best response in terms of open rate and click through to the landing page. Different headlines and offers were also tested to establish which was the most successful in achieving demos and orders.



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