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Simplifying marketing

Problems Solved

Simplifying marketing communications through a New corporate and product branding structure


Established business services and management consultancy practice

Problem / Opportunity

The business wished to expand rapidly but was held back by weak brand identity and a lack of clarity on the core offering amongst the partners. The complexity of communicating what the business offered was becoming a barrier to securing new clients.


A series of intensive workshops were held to establish the core offerings and the elevator pitch using the model below. A range of potential brand names and propositions were proposed and tested before developing the new brand name and identity. Analysis of past revenue identified the offerings which existing clients actually purchased guiding the selection of the core product range; and analysis of the clients themselves and their roles guided the language to be used in describing the businesss offering.

A new brand identity was launched as an "umbrella" brand with a clearly defined proposition and a simple range of products and service offerings using terminology which potential clients would easily recognise and understand.

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