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"Both I and my team love working with Stephen. He manages to combine vast experience and knowledge of marketing with a highly congenial personal style. In our work with Stephen, he has been extremely effective in coaching his client in managing an agency, while also helping direct and motivate us as the agency. He has also played an active and key role in developing the brand marketing and creative strategies that we have developed. A remarkably effective marketer and a super nice guy" Chris Bullick, Owner & MD, Pull Agency

“Stephen worked with us as our business mentor over the past twelve months. His guidance and advice has been absolutely instrumental in helping to propel our business to the next level in terms sales, marketing and structure. I would have no hesitation in recommending him most highly indeed”. Daniel Macauley, Founder / Director, Brandwave Marketing

“Stephen led us in the 3-day coaching workshop being part of our Horizon 2020 Project. He guided us to focus and define our company vision and key messages. We had 3 great days with a very professional person but also with lots of fun together. And we truly achieved 100% of the goals set for the coaching and, moreover, he provided us with a workable methodology to continue improving. We are very satisfied of Stephen's work with Bioma and for sure we will ask for his services again in the future”. Paolo Bassanini, CEO, Bioma SA

“Stephen came in 6 months ago and has helped me build up a better picture of my business which in turn has allowed me to highlight its strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. As a result I now have a much stronger business plan and set of goals and feel far happier with the challenge I have ahead. He is very detailed-orientated and thorough in his process which is supported by obvious great experience. Don't be fooled by the Marketing tag - Stephen brings much more than this and I can't recommend him highly enough”. Elton James-Rae, Founder & CEO, Eltoni Pasta Co.

I have been working with Stephen for over a year now and I can honestly say he has been a delight to work with. He has helped me channel the various 'voices in my head' as to planning for the best strategy and direction for bmore. I cannot recommend him enough, although I am reluctant to share his knowledge with any competitors to bmore! Ben Blackmore, Managing Director at bmore creative Advertising and Design Ltd

"Stephen's support has been useful for us in a much more concrete way that I would ever imagine. His expertise and fine judgement have been a very helpful guide to steer our company at very hectic times where rapid growth, international expansion and new technology deployment raise challenges on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend his mentoring and support; it's value will be evident." Jorge Armanet, CEO & Founder, Health Unlocked

"Stephen has the ability to combine sound business sense with a sense of strategy and great leadership skills. I've known Stephen since 2004, and have been impressed by the results. A good MD will always impart his style of leadership and management on his team, which in this case means that there is a sense of purpose, of direction, of commitment to quality and of clarity to the company. He is also really good fun to work with, and is one of those rare people fully at ease with himself.”
Alexander Arpino , Managing Director , Veterinary Insights

“I've known Stephen Dann both as a client of our business, and subsequently as a collegue as our Managing Director. I can attest to his professionalism as a marketer and to his leadership skills. He was particularly effective in leading our company under difficult circumstances by growing our client base while trimming operating costs. Thanks to him, DBT was able to be strategically positioned in key markets that made the company an attractive acquisition by a competitor. I have great respect for Stephen as a businessman and as a good man of strong character.”
Jim Thompson , Owner, DBT

“We've all met individuals who can read people like a book. Well Stephen Dann can read businesses like a book. He has uncanny business savvy that has served him well in the leadership positions he has held. Stephen has the unique ability to see both the forest and the trees–strategy and tactics. In practical terms, he knows how to form a solid vision and mission for his company and how to plan and execute the actions that help achieve the vision and mission. On top of that, Stephen is a genuinely engaging person who is a joy to be around. It's been my pleasure to know Stephen and to have worked with him several times over the last 15 years."  
Chuck Dymer , President , The Idea Loft

“Stephen's is an inspiration as a facilitator. His delivery is brilliantly considered and makes all participants feel energised and focused on the task. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Stephen to help lead lead your company explore new ideas and initiatives.”
Martin Chapman Fromm , Head of Design , Mando Group

"Stephen was assigned to us by GrowthAccelerator as our growth coach. He has been a tremendous help in getting our business focused on how to deliver our three year plans. Stephen is also a great sounding board for all of our marketing activities and has certainly helped us understand what we should be developing and the best ways to go about delivering on these." Carl Hasty, Director, Smart Currency Exchange

“Implementing Lean (manufacturing) methodology within a non-manufacturing/back office environment or even a software development operation requires a leader with vision; so when Stephen expressed a desire to increase ‘through-put’ and ‘right first time’ delivery I had no hesitation in recommending he apply Lean thinking. An energetic and enthusiastic business leader it was real pleasure to work with Stephen. Approachable and ever mindful of his employees’ strengths, Stephen is always looking to provide staff with an environment where they can produce their best performance.”
Stuart Wood , Business Improvement Consultant , Manufacturing Advisory Service - South East

"I can whole heartedly recommend the
Business Coaching Process and specifically endorse Stephen's ability to implement the system. Stephen will challenge and cajole any management team until a clear strategy is defined, the strategy and tactics are aligned and a clear and unambiguous roadmap for accelerated growth is created. After that it's up to you!" Martin Doyle, CEO, DQ Global

"The Growth Accelerator programme has been a really challenging process for us - with Stephen we have had to strip our business down to basics and gradually build it up again with a view to doubling our turnover during the next 3 years. A day spent with Stephen is exhilarating, exhausting, enlightening and enthusing. He has helped us build a platform for the future and the next three years will be structured and planned which would not have happened without both GrowthAccelerator and Stephen!
Julian Black, Managing Director, Pack Online (The Box Office)

“Consult-HR is a niche recruitment consultancy that is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It has remained under the same ownership and management for all those years and the last five have been pretty tough. Always relationship driven, marketing and business development has taken a back seat. Until now. Since engaging with Growth Accelerator – and in particular Stephen Dann – we have benefited from a focused and detailed approach to marketing, business development and business planning that has already added huge energy and purpose to our business and will, we hope, transform it. Having Stephen on our team has been like having the coach and mentor we always dreamed of; a subject matter expert, full of good advice, a guide who keeps us on track with a light touch.”
Nigel Murray, Director, Consult HR

"Stephen showed us how we could grow our business and then developed some excellent ideas and processes on how to significantly improve our services to legal clients. Thought-provoking and practical - all in one session. Thank you!"
Jane Bishop, Practice Director, Bonallack & Bishop

"I took a one-to-one coaching session with Stephen Dann to help with my Linked-In efforts.  His patient and in-depth advice has literally transformed what I think about Linked-In - and what I now do with it.  I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen for anyone looking to master their Social Media in an appropriate, professional - and lucrative - way.  My return on this investment will undoubtedly be many fold.  Thanks so much!"
Andy Edwards, Managing Director, Nine 5 Three

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