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Increasing sales leads

Problems Solved

Increasing sales leads


£500m global market leader providing business services to multi national companies, government & SMEs

Problem / Opportunity

  • The company developed a unique business model and proposition during the 1990's and grew very rapidly.

  • Over expansion in the USA immediately severely impacted on results and share price.

  • Substantial marketing expenditure had failed to create any quantifiable brand equity yet the company desperately needed a significant boost in sales pipeline to survive.

  • Customer loyalty was low with high customer churn rates.

  • The company had an incorrect market perception for being expensive and not applicable to major corporate clients

A global direct marketing campaign was recommended to generate a major up lift in sales leads. An initial research and analysis project revealed that whilst potential customers had a firm negative perception of the brand, few had actually experienced the services offered. Additionally it was clear that the core decision makers in potential large, corporate and government sectors had not been targeted.

A major direct marketing campaign was developed in 19 languages and including the logistics to generate, print and distribute 2m pieces. All leads were directed to 2 call centres and performance data generated in real time to enable ROI to be calculated. The campaign was focused on getting a wide range of the decision makers in each target company to actually experience the company's services at first hand and to partake in a new loyalty programme. Different media channels were tested in each country with results logged to identify the most effective options before roll out. Further programmes were developed to resolve client retention issues


The campaign cost £2m and generated 54,000 new sales leads in 6 months - a new sales pipeline of £460m with
ROI of 13x being achieved within 90 days.

A further 18,000 prospects registered for the loyalty programme (96% were new director level contacts). Customer retention rates were increased by 3 fold

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