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What ?

About Us

We fix Business Growth, Innovation and Marketing Problems

to enable businesses to:

  • Achieve their growth goals and ambitions
  • Develop new solutions and offerings
  • Secure new customers and grow existing customers through modern marketing techniques

We analyse your business challenges in detail and provide you with a unique level of insight and clarity on the business issues and opportunities which your (sales and marketing) strategies needs to tackle.  We pose 4 questions:

  • What's your situation and plan?

We map out and examine your business model to help clarify exactly how the business works and to identify opportunities to create new approaches. The key building blocks of your business model and decisions on each of these elements will define the future success of your business.

Outcome - A business model fit for the future . BUSINESS MODEL

  • Who are you trying to reach? What do they need from you?

We ensure that your business model and marketing plans and are based on a sound understanding of your customers. Customers are at the heart of any business - a deep understanding of your customers is essential for survival. But it is the unique insight which our rigorous techniques create which gives our clients true competitive advantage.

Outcome - Detailed analysis of customers, competitors, the market and the marketing process itself to create unique insights and understanding of the key opportunities and issues as a foundation for marketing plans / actions. MARKET INSIGHT

  • What do you want to achieve ?

We ensure that you have a clear strategy which builds on customer insight and opportunities. Once customer insights are established, strategies can be created and teams engaged, resource and skilled in readiness to achieve step change results - these can be business wide, product specific or team focussed.
- Formulation of the key ideas, strategies and plans through interactive workshops and tailored training or mentoring to ensure a clear plan is designed and resources are skilled & available. STRATEGIC COUNSEL

  • How can it be best implemented?

Only then do we begin to define specific initiatives or marketing campaigns to deliver the business impact. With strategies agreed, specific initiatives are planned and implemented to create the business impact required. These can be developed in-house by us, through our partners or by your internal or external teams.
- Delivery of direct & digital marketing, promotions, CRM / Loyalty marketing initiatives. BUSINESS IMPACT

At each stage of the programme a unique set of tools, techniques and models are applied to your challenges to ensure that your marketing investment is successful.

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