Why is working with someone like me important?

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Why is working with someone like me important?

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Published by Stephen Dann in Coaching · 18 January 2021
Tags: Coaching
Managing and growing businesses is a highly challenging context for anyone. It is hard to maintain high levels of performance and focus against a backdrop of:

• Fast moving, changing and chaotic markets; coupled with rapid technological change driving complete uncertainty
• The complexity of the relationships, individuals, money, and physical assets that have to be organised against the backdrop of this uncertainty
• The unique and changing nature of an individual’s state of mind and how they create their experiences in each moment
The goal of my work is simple.
To provide a permanent shift in the way you work and operate so that you get the results you want irrespective of what is happening around you.

We work together for twelve months during which time you get the benefit of
• an independent sounding board for your thoughts, decisions, and actions
• a perspective on business, management, marketing & leadership grounded in a unique breadth and depth of experience
• someone who is skilled in understanding you and raising your own levels of performance
• someone capable of holding you to account for how you work, and willing to engage in the tough conversations required to access new levels of performance and wellbeing.

Without you realising it, the processes I use will guide you to be who you are when you are at your best, and then anchor that position as an internal benchmark for you to reference. When combined with a raised level of commercial awareness and a set of strong execution habits, my clients end up more resourceful and able to perform at new levels.

With the commercial world prone to constant evolution and rapid change, the ability to think and act from a placed of considered intuition is a key skill. A big part of my work is teaching you how to test and trust your instincts.

After twelve months, my clients are fully equipped to move forward without my support. Some choose to stay and continue to engage me on an ongoing basis.

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