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The Business Leaders Essential Guides
The Series
The Essential Guides series has been written for business leaders who wish to change the course of events.
As a business leader you may be an entrepreneur, a small business owner, starting up a new venture, managing an SME team; or alternatively leading a team or division in a larger corporate or not for profit enterprise. What sets you apart is the ambition and desire to do things differently, to change the status quo and take your business or team to the next level.
Each of these books draws on deep practical experience in managing businesses and real life business challenges with many tools and techniques which you can implement today.
Stephen Dann is a creative thinker, innovator, marketer, strategist, author, and renowned business adviser. He is dedicated to helping businesses fix the problems that prevent organisations, teams, and individuals from achieving their potential.
As a sought-after business coach, consultant, and speaker, Stephen openly shares his tried, tested, and innovative approaches in this series of books with entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams.
“We've all met individuals who can read people like a book. Well Stephen Dann can read businesses like a book. He has uncanny business savvy that has served him well in the leadership positions he has held. Stephen has the unique ability to see both the forest and the trees–strategy and tactics. In practical terms, he knows how to form a solid vision and mission for a company and how to plan and execute the actions that help achieve that vision and mission".  Chuck Dymer, President, The Idea Loft
The Business Leaders Essential Guide to Growth
The Business Leaders Essential Guide for Growth provides  a proven process to take your business and make it successful. Each chapter explains the why, the what and the how. It poses the critical questions that must be answered by all business leaders who are hungry for success for their businesses, their people and themselves.
What are your ambitions?
How do you want your team to behave?
What’s most important to work on?
What are your key business drivers?
The Business Leaders Essential Guide to Marketing
The Business Leaders Essential Guide to Marketing captures a wealth of practical marketing approaches. It provides a thorough but efficiently presented formula for both marketers and non-marketers who need to make sure their company has complete and effective marketing plans, and measures their effectiveness.
What does your ideal customer look like?
How are you going to achieve the goals?
What are the specific activities and tasks?
How are you going to measure results?
The Business Leaders Essential Guide to Innovation
The Business Leaders Essential Guide to Innovation provides you with practical tools to generate new ideas, select the best of those ideas, and then develop them into products and services that will provide your business with commercial advantage.
How do I generate new ideas?
How do I decide which ideas to focus on?
How do I check that customers also like the idea?
How do I set up the development plan?
Why not buy a copy for all your team?: If you are going to make that big step forward you need your team right alongside you, so the easy first step is for them to read these books too.
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