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Top 10 Tips

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We believe in simplifying business issues - only then can they be communicated successfully and widely leading to action. Our series of top 10 tips are drawn from a wide range of experience and sources to act as a checklist reminder of some key issues:

10 Email Campaign Tips

  • Value your recipients

  • Move away from blanket campaigns

  • Collect preferences at sign-up time

  • Use personalised content

  • Vary the email content

  • Use automated 1-2-1 campaigns triggered by events

  • "7 points of contact before a sale" rule

  • Send welcome campaigns to new subscribers

  • Target recently active subscribers differently

  • Look at your replies

10 Common Website Mistakes

  • Bells and Whistles

  • Not capturing visitor details

  • Not following up emails

  • Not using statistics

  • Failure to test

  • Failure to create traffic

  • No differentiation or passion

  • Not having a web strategy

  • Weak content

  • No Call to Action

10 Tips for a Great Business

  • Be creative, but not for its own sake

  • Think bolder than your client would

  • Stay small enough to give personal service

  • Get inside your clients socks

  • Know many things that your client doesn't

  • See every brief as a way to prove yourselves

  • Have people who are a pleasure to work with

  • Make your clients feel like one of your team

  • Charge for the big ideas, not the big offices

  • Take your own medicine regularly

10 Questions for Boards on Marketing

  • Do we know and understand our key markets?

  • Do we address real segments in our key target markets?

  • Do we know what our sources of differential advantage are in each segment and market?

  • Do we agree on the prioritisation of our markets and the segments?

  • Are the objectives for revenue growth and market share realistic?

  • Are our strategies (including products, services & solutions) consistent with the objectives

  • Have we assessed the risks associated with our strategic marketing plan?

  • Does the strategic plan create or destroy shareholder value?

  • Have we agreed the effectiveness metrics we want reported on?

  • Is the time, effort and expense in developing marketing strategies worth it?

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